Daub – (Silver in a Glass Vile)


Daub is a sticky like substance that is made in various colors and used to mark cards. A button or in some cases a tin of daub is placed within easy reach such as in the pocket. When the person wants to mark the card he or she rubs their finger across the daub and transfers the substance to the finger. The finger then used to transfer the daub to the back of the card. This mark makes this card and others when marked stand out and is recognizable as being marked as opposed to the other cards which are not marked. This principle can be used in magic very effectively. This Silver Daub is classic in that it is perhaps the most favorite color in the history of daubing. This daub will also work on every kind of card. We also have this classic daub in a tin like the old-timers used to use. In fact, our tins are antique in that you cannot find them anymore. Regardless of which you choose all of our daubs come with instructions. You’ll get relatively the same amount of daub with this vile than you will with the tin, but the tin is the Ultra Classic way to purchase daub. If you are curious but do not want to spend the additional money to have it in a tin then, having it in the vile is the way to go.


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